Maritimeknowhow has been developed by Pierre Deseck and his wife Jacqueline Lams.

Pierre Deseck is a Deep Sea Master who studied at the School of Navigation in Antwerp, Belgium. He served in the merchant navy from apprentice to master and sailed on the Cross Channel ships between Ostend and Dover for a number of years.

He also sailed as an apprentice pilot between Ghent and Flushing , and worked for about one year as Port Captain at Transunion. Following a career at sea and ashore he embraced a teaching career at the School of Navigation for about 30 years. He is now retired as a Honorary Professor. During the last ten years he specialized in "The Rules of the Road", "Shipping Operations", "Shipping Administration" and "Deontology".

In 1969 Capt. Deseck obtained a diploma in pedagogy and in In 1985, he obtained a degree in Harbour and Maritime Science at the University of Ghent .

Capt P. Deseck has authored about 10 books on maritime subjects, which are currently used in the merchant navy, the fisheries, the navy and in yachting. For two years he also was a ship owner where he learned all the ropes of Shipping Operations.

Capt. Deseck is a fellow of the Nautical Institute.
At 79 years of age, the only remaining ambition of Capt. Deseck is to convey his knowledge and experience to all who are interested in maritime affairs.

The Website

The site is mainly destined for the merchant Navy, Navy, Fisheries, Yachting and  Offshore.
It will also be useful for all office branches related to the maritime sector. Maritimeknowhow certainly does not want to be another website with thousands of links that are already available. Our experience (and that of others) is that the WWW is a vast and rich source of information which, unfortunately, has one main drawback which is, where and how to find the information needed without getting lost in a maze of sites and without loosing valuable and costly time in searching.

To overcome this deficiency and at the same time provide a tool that is practical and user friendly, at “maritimeknowhow” we have done the following:

1. we created a huge database of links containing most of the available information on the web and elsewhere and classed all of this information in a comprehensive and extensive alphabetical table (click on Links for the complete list of available subjects). Most subjects are accompanied by an explanatory text found in each relevant site. The database is under review and currently not available.

2. we use a powerful search engine (generated by Google) that allows the surfer to find the needed information in a minimum of time. Experience shows that if a surfer does not find what he is looking for within one minute, he logs off. With our search engine we have made our website easy, fast and fun to use. Click on "Search this site" in the top right corner.

Statistics developed by P&I Clubs, Insurance companies, Classification societies, Nautical Inspectorates and others, show that most accidents in the maritime sector (and particularly at sea) are mainly due to human error. Therefore, this site aims, in the first place, at providing useful information which should make maritime activities safer and hence more enjoyable, by providing valuable tips based on practical experience. It could also serve as a quick reference, both on board and ashore.
It is, as a consequence, not only destined for the seafarers (masters, officers and ratings) but it should also prove helpful to shore based personnel in shipping companies, Administrations, private organizations such as Classification Societies, P&I Clubs, Underwriters, etc.
Most of the subjects treated are based on my personal experience at sea and on my years of experience as a professor at the School of Navigation, Antwerp.
Some subjects have been compiled from the vast variety of literature available in most good shipping companies and on the vast source of information available in the maritime literature and on Internet.

With regard to Conventions, Regulations, By-laws, Prescriptions, etc. most texts are based on the original law texts as published in England and/or the United States. Often, reference is made to their implementation. The body who created these law text is acknowledged by recognising its copyright.
I thank the many people who helped me in collecting valuable evidence and practical information which I included in this site. A special word of thanks goes to Ahlers Shipping Company who allowed me to use a number of their texts.

It is important to us to keep this site in a continuous stage of development. So if you have tips based on your own experience at sea or ashore, I would gladly insert them amongst the many subjects already covered.

Usually, tips are based on practical experience and are rarely found in textbooks. Very often they only serve the person (and a few of his friends or subordinates) who experienced them. As we wish to keep this site as practical as possible, any practical experience would be greatly welcomed.
I certainly don’t have the pretension to know it all and I am convinced that with your help we will make this site more complete and more accurate. And above all, let us make these experiences and knowledge available to the whole shipping industry worldwide, to make it safer and more fun to work in.
My warmest thanks goes to all those who want to contribute to achieve these goals.
However, because it is very costly and time consuming to build and maintain a very large website like “maritimeknowhow”, offering thousands of pages of valuable and concise nautical information, we can only do this if you help us financially.
Your financial support will allow us to develop the site further to make it a valuable tool which will be an immense help at sea, in the office and even at home.
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Any observations or suggestions to improve the site are welcomed. To contact “maritimeknowhow”, click on Contact.

We thank you in anticipation

Capt. Pierre Deseck, Msc, FNI
Hon. Prof. School of Navigation