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International regulations for preventing collisions at sea

Collisions At Sea: Would You Like This To Happen To You?

: By Capt. Pierre Deseck
Hon. Professor at the School of Navigation Antwerp

Nothing is more frustrating for a young officer of the watch(OOW) to spot a vessel on the horizon and not knowing which action to take to avoid a collision.

Only a profound knowledge of the Colregs, together with the necessary experience, can help you to avoid such disaster.

International regulations for preventing collisions at sea:

This book was written chiefly for commercial navigation and yachting and is also useful to those in charge of the watch on other vessels.

This book helps students as well as graduates of all establishments of maritime education.

Each Rule is commented on in some detail in order to make the official and rigid language peculiar to legal texts easier to understand.

Each situation is depicted as realistically as possible with the help of illustrations. The coloured drawings represent the various combinations of lights and shapes which are encountered at sea.

This is an extremely unique book to own.

The following aspects of the Regulations have been singled out for special comment:

1. The use of radar
2. Traffic separation schemes
3. The various fishing methods
4. Navigation in restricted visibility and in foga
5. The additional lights and shapes which can occur outside the cases foreseen in the Rules.

Several Rules have been supplemented by a number of Marine Guidance Notes (MGN) which are published by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (mca). It contains IMO-amendments of 1981, 1987, 1989, 1993 and 2001.

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