Bill of Lading online Table of contence

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Historical Introduction 8

Definitions 11

International Legislation
            The Hague Rules 12
            The Hague-Visby Rules 12
            The Hague-Visby Rules as amended by the Brussels Protocol 1979 13
            The Hamburg Rules 13

The Carrier 14

Contract of Carriage 15

The Goods 16
            Goods Under Deck 16
            Deck Cargo and Live Animals 16
            Containers 17
            Dangerous Goods 17

The Ship 17

Carriage of Goods 18
            Port to Port Shipment 18
                    Without Transhipment 18
                    With Transhipment 19
            Combined Transport 20

Contents of the Bill of Lading
            Introduction 20
            Shipped in Apparent Good Order and Condition 22
            Shipped and Received 22
            Number of Copies 23
            Full Set of Bills of Lading 23
            Signing the Bill of Lading 24
            Date of the Bill of Lading 24

Principle of the Law
            Introduction 25
            A minimum of Liabilities 25
            A Maximum of Exemptions 26
            Burden of Proof/General Rule 27
            Management of the Ship/Management of the Cargo 28
            Deviation 29

Limitation of Liability
            Introduction 30
            According to the Hague Rules 1924 30
            According to the Hague-Visby Rules 31
            According to the Protocol 1979 32
            Towards the Appointee of the Carrier 33
            Prima Facie Evidence 34
            Damages to the Goods – Prescription 34
            Loss or Damage is Visible Externally 34
            Loss or Damage is not Visible Externally 34
            Prescription 34
            Burden of Proof 35

Exoneration or Exemption Clause — Exceptions 35

Issue of the Bill of Lading
            To Bearer 36
            To a Named Person 36
            To Order 36

Delivery of the Goods
            Introduction 37
            Several Holders Present Themselves 38
                    At Different Moments 38
                    At the same Moment 38
            Nobody Presents Himself 38
            Loss of the Bill of Lading 39
            Bills of Lading have not yet arrived 39

The Hamburg Rules 40

Bill of Lading Clauses
            Introduction 41
            The Paramount Clause 42
            The New Jason Clause 43
            Both to Blame Collision Clause 44
            General Average 45

            Other Clauses
                    Or So Near Thereto as She May Safely Get 46
                    Weight, Measure, Quality, Condition, Content and Value Unknown 46
                    On Deck at Shippers' Risk 47
                    Containers 47

            Quick Reminder

Types of Bill of Lading
            Introduction 48
            Direct Bill of Lading or Port to Port Bill of Lading 49
            The Conlinebill 2000 51
            Congenbill (to be used with Charter Parties) 59
            Long Form Bill of Lading 60
            Short Form Bill of Lading 60
            Blank Back Bill of Lading 61
            Multimodal Transport Bill of Lading or Multidoc 95 61
            Advantages of the Multimodal B/L 63

            Through Bill of Lading 64
            Combined Transport Bill of Lading or Combiconbill 65
            Clean Bill of Lading 66
            Foul Bill of Lading 66
            Received for Shipment 67
            Shipped Bill of Lading 68
            Bill of Lading for Container Transport 68
            Negotiable/Non Negotiable Bill of Lading 68
            Sea Waybill 69
            Conlinebooking 71