Chartering and Charterparties Introduction

This book has been chiefly written for students who wish to attend classes at a Maritime Academy.

During their career at sea they will be regularly confronted with the special techniques of shipping operations.

Although shipping business is normally done ashore from the Owner’s office, the Master and his officers will also take great advantage in knowing most of the ropes that go with the documents related to the goods they will carry on board. The “charterparty” is undoubtedly one of the most important documents that is used when carrying goods by sea.

This course will, also be beneficial to the officers who whish to embrace a career ashore. It will also be of help to the people ashore who are directly or indirectly concerned with the goods that will be carried by ship. I particularly think of the ship agents, brokers and insurance companies, not to forget the shippers and receivers of the goods.

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Ostend, 30 June 2012                                                         Pierre Deseck