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Checklist Bridge

1. Has the operation of the following equipment been studied and fully understood ?  
  alarms Ο
  bridge lighting, including controls for deck and overside illumination Ο
  communication facilities – internal, external and portable Ο
  direction finder Ο
  echo sounder Ο
  electronic navigational position fixing aids Ο
  emergency arrangements in the event of main power failure Ο
  hazard monitoring equipment Ο
  gyro compass / repeaters Ο
  magnetic compass Ο
  navigation lights, including emergency navigation, not under command and other signal lights Ο
  radar and associated plotting aids Ο
  safety equipment (e.g. pyrotechnics) Ο
  speed / distance recorder Ο
  steering gear, including manual, auto-pilot and emergency change-over arrangements Ο
  telegraph, including control of main engines and (as appropriate) watertight
2. Are you aware of the location and operation of ancillary bridge equipment (e.g. binoculars, signalling flags, meteorological equipment) ? Ο
3. Are you familiar with the stowage of chart and hydrographic publications ? Ο

Form 2001 – 911227