How to use this Presentation

In the Table of Contents (ToC) click on the relevant Rule (coloured in blue).
  • Allow some time for the Presentation to be completely loaded (abt. 3 to 9 seconds per slide).

  • Once all the slides are loaded, go to the bottom of a slides and click on the thord icom saying "Open PDF in Previeuw". Click now on the icon (under the padlock) situated on the left side of he slide to see all the slides in miniature. You can now move from slide to slide.

  • Some slides have a number of "Animations". They can be founf in the Table of Contents (ToC) below the relevant slide.

  • The animation will normally start loading automatically. To stop, pause, move one frame ahead or back or rewind the animation, click with the mouse on the controls.

  • To go back to the Presentation click on the relevant Rule again.
The complete Presentation is also available (in PowerPoint) on DVD with a full and fast functionality of the Slides and Animations.

To buy the DVD click on Books.

For the presentation on DVD to work correctly, Quicktime 7 must be installed on your computer. It can be downloaded from internet, free of charge.

A version for Windows users or Mac users is available.

Windows users must have Quicktime installed on their computer. Without Quicktime, the Presentation will NOT work.