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The Colregs are also available as a PowerPoint presentation on DVD.

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Please read the "Preface" to the Presentation to give you an idea of what this Presentation on DVD encompasses:


The last ten years, teaching methods have drastically changed. Computers and audio-visual systems are undoubtedly responsible for these changes. The electronic drawing tables have taken the place of the classic blackboard and the sick of chalk. Students all over the world have adapted their learning methods to PowerPoint presentations and the beamer.

Teaching material is now presented by means of electronic drawing boards or projected on a screen by means of a beamer and the student must be able to save all this on his USB stick for further reference in his or her study room. Subjects can be presented more realistically with graphics, drawings, pictures and even films often artistically and scientifically presented and most of the time in colour. Catchphrases replace long and tedious texts which usually o to the core of the subject and are easier to understand and to remember.

These modern teaching methods will of course never replace the textbooks which will always remain as they can give more detailed descriptions and knowledge in depth which cannot be given in a PowePoinrt presentation. Besides books are somehow easier and more pleasant to carry and to handle. The introduction of the e-book may well change this attitude.

This PowerPoint presentation of the Colregs should give the student a better insight of this complex subject material.

The presentation comprises 1514 slides including 52 animatios. The index should allow the user to easily find a particular subject.


For most of the material used I referred to my textbook “International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea” published by Maritimeknowhow (see also

Some texts are also based on the comments given in the many manuals which I used during my years of study. Some texts are likewise based on my experience acquired as an OOW and/or Master. Some texts are also based on my experience acquired during the many years I lectured the Colregs at the School of Navigation Antwerp.

My particular thanks also goes to Capt. Alain Van Hoecke, professor at the School of Navigation, Antwerp for allowing me to use some of his own slides.

I also wish to thank Mr. Eberhard Petzold who has a wonderful site with the most beautiful maritime pictures one can find on internet. He allowed me to use any of his photos completely free of charge.

Some of the pictures used in the presentation were directly taken from the Internet. Where possible reference to the copyright has been mentioned. This was however not always possible. Anyone who feels that a picture was used unlawfully, please contact me and the picture will immediately be replaced by another one.


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A large index must allow the user to easily find the slide that covers the subject he is looking for.

R3/25 means: Rule 3, slide 25.