Colregs Questions and Answers (Q & A)

Rule 16

Action by give-way vessel

The answers can be found in the respective Rules and Paragraphs in the book"International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (Colregs) by Capt. Pierre Deseck and/or in the Colregs Presentation (on DVD), also by Capt. Pierre Deseck

Q = Question; A= Answer

Q 16-1
What are the main measures that the give-way vessel must take in case of risk of collision with another vessel ?

A 16-1
Rule 16 and Comment on Rule 16.
Click on measures by give-way vessel for a summary

Q 16-2
How should measures to avoid collision be taken ?

A 16-2
Rule 16 and Comment on Rule 16, paragraph (a).

Q 16-3
How should any altetration of course and/or speed be ?

A 16-3
Rule 16 and Comment on Rule 16, paragraphs (b) and (c).

Q 16-4
If there is risk of collision between two vessels, at what distance should the give-way vessel pass from the stand-on vessel ?

A 16-4
Rule 16 and Comment on Rule 16, paragraph (d).

Q 16-5
In your estimation, comment what you understand by a safe distance or a considerable distance ?
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