Emergency Procedures

Abandon Ship

In the event you have to abandon ship, the following actions, amongst others, must be taken:

    1. each crewmember should have their lifejacket on 
    2. each crewmember should immediately join his emergency station to prepare the lifeboats or to start to clear away the inflatable life rafts.
  • The responsible officers employed on damage control duty should report regularly to the master
  • Update vessel's position, in radio room, Satellite terminal and other automatic distress transmitters (GMDSS)
  • Send distress message / alert other vessels
  • Check if all crewmembers and passengers (if any) are present
  • Search for missing personnel (especially in the engine room and at night in accommodations)
  • Activate EPIRB's
  • Manoeuvre vessel in proper position / stop engine
  • If possible, prepare ship's documents (especially the log book)
  • After rescue, inform company