Emergency Procedures

Boat drill

Boat drills should be held :
  • In port, just before the departure of the ship (especially if new crewmembers have embarked).
  • At sea, at least once a week.
During the boat drills, attention should be paid:
  • in showing the location of all lifeboats, life rafts, lifebuoys and lifejackets on board
  • in showing where the EPIRB is located
  • in properly explaining the working of the life saving equipment
  • in demonstrating the proper use of the life saving equipment
  • showing where the NC signalling flags are located
  • showing where the marine pyrotechnics are located
From time to time, when in port, exercises should be held with the life saving equipment, such as lowering a lifeboat in the water, rowing, testing of the engines in the lifeboats, testing of the emergency radio equipment in the lifeboat, showing of video's about the use of life raft, demonstrating the use of marine pyrotechnics, etc.

Enter the boat drill in the log book