Emergency Procedures

Fire in Port

In port, most of the actions taken at sea also apply.
  • Sound alarm (advice Master and officer on watch)
  • Stop cargo operations
  • Muster alarm list to be followed and operation centre to be established
  • Notify terminal, and if relevant, request external extinguishing help
  • close doors and stop ventilation
  • Localize fire and notify personnel concerned with the seat of fire
  • Identify cargo, dangerous cargo and substances in the vicinity
  • Analyse method of extinguishing
  • If necessary consider evacuation of vessel and prepare all documents to be saved
  • Message to be sent to the Company and if required to any other third parties (e.g. the P & I Club, Hull underwriters, receiver of cargo, etc. If the Company hasn't done so yet)
  • Once extinguished, message to all parties contacted
  • Enter all measures and actions taken in logbook

See also the comment on Fire at sea.