Emergency Procedures

Man Overboard

Name of ship, Position, Course steered, Time, Man overboard, Please keep sharp look-out. 

  • Inform bridge immediately with side of the ship (starboard or port or after) 
  • Sound general alarm / inform Master 
  • Release lifebuoy with light, flare or smoke signal 
  • If possible, keep person in sight / post several look-outs 
  • If person is not visible, apply the Boutakoff method 
  • Inform engine and start manoeuvring 
  • Position of life buoy and vessel noted with time of start search 
  • Alert other vessels 
  • Send following radio message: 
  • Sound signals (three long blasts) exhibit flag O 
  • Prepare rescue boat 
  • If relevant, inform AMVER 
  • Prepare treatment 
  • Inform Company 
  • When rescued, inform all parties 
  • Enter all relevant information and actions taken in log book