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Lists, Plans and Drawings

Pollution (general)


The following lists, plans and drawings are amongst those that must be incorporated in the contingency plan or, preferably, be located with it:

  • Listing of the Ship's Principal Characteristics
  • Listing of Principal Tank Capacities (to include cargo tanks, ballast tanks, fuel oil, diesel oil, lube oil tanks and fresh and distilled water storage)
  • General Arrangement Plan
  • Midships Section Plan
  • Cargo and Fuel Oil Piping and Pumping Plan
  • Damage Stability Data
  • Plan indicating Frame Spacing
  • Listing of Ship to Ship Transfer Equipment and Fittings<:

In addition to the above, a copy of the cargo stowage plan for the voyage should be kept with the contingency plan together with copies of the certificates of quality of the cargo or other documentation containing details of its basic properties. Bunker quantities and disposition details should also be kept with the plan.

Depending on the trades in which a particular ship is engaged, details of the characteristics of the oils likely to be carried and their fate under different climatic and sea conditions could also be usefully included in the contingency plan.