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Change of Crew

Ship's Crew


Change of Master

The Master must prepare a record of information in view to familiarise his successor with the vessel. This record must include information such as:

  • Cargo on board, port of lading, port of discharge
  • Cargo condition, stability condition, schedules, dangerous cargo
  • Voyage planning
  • Ship's characteristics, equipment, maintenance
  • Ship's charter-party (if any)
  • Ship's certificates
  • Ship's stores, provisions, slopchest
  • Routine messages to be sent
  • Crew evaluation
  • Ship's budget and funds
  • etc.

The relieving Master will take over the responsibility that all stocks are correct as accounted.

The relieving Master prior taking over should be familiarized with vessel condition, cargo and safety on board.

The relieve must be indicated in the deck logbook.

Change of Chief Officer

Information such as:

  • Maintenance Program
  • Cargo, ship's condition and characteristics
  • Stability
  • Deck crew evaluation
  • Administration, stock, budget
  • etc.

must at least be included in the relieve procedure and report.

Change of Chief Engineer

Information such as:

  • Maintenance Program
  • Engine and machinery condition and report
  • Administration, stock, budget
  • Technical equipment and characteristics
  • Engine crew evaluation
  • etc.

must at least be included in the relieve.

Change of Officers and Crew

Personnel new to the ship must be familiarized with their scope of work. muster rolls and safety and lifesaving equipment.

Fire drills and lifeboat drills to be carried out soonest possible after major crew changes.

All crew changes must be indicated in the deck logbook.