Other Documents

Ship Documents


Besides the documents and/or certificates required by law, the ship needs to have a number of other documents and/or certificates which also refer to the ship's safety and hence to the safety of the people on board.

Most of these documents and/or certificates are issued by private firms or organizations, who are normally appointed or recognized by the Administration.

The documents and/or certificates they deliver have no imposed form which means that their layout may defer in accordance to the firm or organization that delivered them.

For this reason we can only reproduce a few of each document or certificate and the choice of the firm or organization is completely arbitrary.

In practice one may find on board a ship other documents or more documents than the ones mentioned hereunder.

The following documents and/or certificates are self-explanatory.

Certificate of Fire Fighting Equipment (See also back of document)

Statement regarding Breathing Apparatus

Certificate for Inflatable Life & Work Boat

Certificate of Service & Testing of an Inflatable Liferaft (See also back of document)

Certificate of Re-inspection of Liferaft

Test Certificate of Search and Rescue Transponder (SARTS)

Ship Station Licence

Ship Radio Communication Licence. (See also back of document)

Service Report

Inspection Certificate of Articles for Ship Use of Approved Type (Ship's Whistle)

Test Certificate of Battery Charger. (See also back of document)

Meggertest.(See also back of document)

A megger is an apparatus for measuring insulation resistance electricity.