Quick Reference Guide




Legislation :Code of Safety for Diving System (Resolution A.536(13).

Application :dynamically supported craft which are engaged on voyages between a terminal in one country and a terminal in another country, part or all of which voyages are across areas of water (but not necessarily on routes navigable to ships) through which a ship operating on an international voyage, as defined by the Safety Convention, would proceed (DSC Code, Chapter 1, Paragraph 1.21).

Duration :both certificates maximum 1 year. They may be revalidated for further periods of not more than 1 year if the conditions given in Paragraph 1.6.1 of the DSC Code are met (DSC Code, Chapter 1, Paragraph 1.6.2.

Extension :an extension of the duration of the Dynamically Supported Craft Construction and Equipment Certificate may be granted by the Administration for a period not exceeding 30 days (DSC Code, Chapter 1, Paragraph 1.51(b)).

Surveys :an initial assessment before the Certificate is issued for the first time (DSC Code, Chapter 1, Paragraph 1.51(a)).

periodical survey not exceeding 1 year (DSC Code, Chapter 1, Paragraph 1.51(b)).

intermediate inspections at intervals specified by the Administration (DSC Code, Chapter 1, Paragraph 1.51(c)).

Request :Owner or shipbuilder to the Administration (e.g. the Maritime Inspectorate) or to an authorized Organization (e.g. a classification society).

Issue :Administration or authorized Organization (DSC Code, Chapter 1, Paragraph 1.61(b)).

Surveys :by competent persons duly authorized for the purpose by the Administration (DSC Code, Chapter 1, Paragraph 1.5.3.


The DSC Code may be extended to a craft as defined in Paragraph 1.4.1 of the Code which is intended to carry passengers and cargo or solely cargo or to a craft which exceeds the limits stipulated in Paragraph 1.3.1 of the Code. In such case the Administration should determine the extent to which the provisions of the DSC Code are applicable to these craft and, if necessary, develop additional requirements providing the appropriate safety level for such craft (DSC Code, Chapter 1, Paragraph 1.3.2.