Quick Reference Guide




Legislation :International Code for the Construction and Equipment of Ships Carrying Liquefies Gasses in Bulk (IGC Code).

Application :all ships regardless of size, including those of less than 500 tons gross tonnage, engaged in the carriage of liquefied gasses having a vapour pressure exceeding 2.8 bar absolute at a temperature f 37.8° C, and other products as shown in Chapter 19, when carried in bulk (IGC Code, Chapter 1, Section 1.1.1).

Duration and validity :maximum 5 years (IGC Code, Section

The certificate shall cease to be valid:

if the surveys are not carried out within the periods specified (IGC Code, Section par. 1);

upon transfer of the ship to the flag of another Government (IGC Code, Section, par. 2).

Extension :No extension permitted (IGC Code, Section

Surveys :an initial survey before the ship is put in service (IGC Code, Section, par. 1);

periodical survey not exceeding 5 years (IGC Code, Section, par. 2);

a minimum of one intermediate survey during the period of validity of the certificate (IBC Code, Section, par. 3);

mandatory annual surveys (IGC Code, Section, par. 4);

an additional survey, either general or partial according to the circumstances, after an investigation prescribed in Section of the Code, or whenever important repairs or renewals are made (IGC Code, Section 1.5..2.1, par. 5);


The intermediate and annual surveys shall be endorsed on the certificate (IGC Code, Section, par. 3 and 4);

When only one intermediate survey is carried out in any one certificate validity period, it shall be held not before six months to, not later than six months after the half-way date of the certificate's period of validity (IGC Code, Section, par. 3);

The mandatory annual survey shall be held within three months before or after the day and the month of the date of issue of the certificate (IGC Code, Section, par. 4);

Request :Owner or shipbuilder to the Administration (e.g. the Maritime Inspectorate) or to an authorized Organization (e.g. a classification society).

Issue :Administration or authorized Organization.

Surveys :Administration or authorized Organization (IGC Code, Section