Quick Reference Guide


Legislation :International Convention on Load Lines, 1966 as amended by the Protocol of 1988 relating to the International Convention on Load Lines, 1966 (LL 66).

Application :merchant vessels engaged on international voyages which are:

a)24 meters (79 feet) or more in length.

b)150 tons gross tonnage or more. (LL 66, Article 5, par. (1), (b) and (c).)

See also LL 66, Article 4.

Duration and validity :maximum 5 years, after initial survey before the ship is put in service or from the date of issue (LL 66, Article 14, par. (1) (a) and Article 19, par. (1).

Extension :no extension permitted.
Exceptionally, when at the time of expiration of the certificate the ship is not in a port in which it is to be surveyed, the Administration may extend the period of validity for maximum 3 months to allow the ship to complete its voyage and only in cases it appears reasonable to do so (LL 66, Article 19, par.(5)).

Surveys :an initial survey before the ship is put in service (LL 66, Article 14, par. (1) (a)).

renewal survey, not exceeding 5 years except where paragraphs (2), (5), (6) and (7) of Article 19 are applicable (LL 66, Article 14, par. (1) (b)).

an annual survey within 3 months before and after each anniversary date of the Certificate to ensure that, amongst other thing (see paragraphs (ii) and (iii), no alterations have been made to the hull or superstructure which would have an influence on the load line (LL 66, Article 14, par. (1) (c)).

NOTES:The annual survey shall be endorsed on the certificate (LL 66, Article 14, par. (2)).

For cancellation of Certificate, see LL 66, Article 19, par. (9)).

Request :owner or shipbuilder to the Administration (e.g. the Maritime Inspectorate) or to a authorized Organization (e.g. a classification society).

Issue :Administration or authorized Organization (LL 66, Article 16, par. (3)).

Surveys and Markings :Administration or authorized Organization (LL 66, Article 13).