Regulations Certificates




On shore management as well as shipboard management shall at all times adhere to mandatory regulations, imperative to fulfil the main objective of any Company's Quality and Safety standards

Those mandatory regulations will be the instrument of working and the reference point for all sections involved in the Company.


  • identification of mandatory regulations and national / international laws
  • updating of mandatory regulations and national international laws
  • adherence to mandatory regulations and national / international laws
  • creation of mandatory regulations and national / international laws


All sections shall collect all important documents, references, books, rules, etc. to provide the section with the adequate instrument of work (a valid mandatory regulation).

Valid mandatory regulations from all sections, based on continuous updating and improvement, will be collected to create the library of  the Company, and will be available for all sections and ships.

Documents edited and used by the Company will be part of the mandatory documents.

All nautical publications evaluated and approved by the Company are mandatory documents.


The Master is responsible to identify mandatory regulations relevant for his vessel, to keep it updated, and to revert to the quality and safety section for its modification. (See also: Publications, Ship's Library.)

The quality and safety section will keep the list of mandatory regulations continuously updated and valid (with date of entry in force).

Mandatory Regulations / Documents

All vessels of the fleet shall comply with

  • Local, national and international laws, regulations, ship's Flag State and port state regulations in force
  • Classification societies rules and regulations
  • If relevant, documents issued by
    • British Admiralty
    • Ship owner Association
    • Insurance Companies
    • ISO
    • Maritime Inspectorates
    • Navy
    • USCG
    • The Company's Regulations
  • Documents such as :
    • Plans
    • Purchasing books / ISSA
    • Important reports
    • Technical specifications of the vessel
    • Shipboard Manual
    • Cargo Operating Manual
    • Emergency Contingency Manual
    • Safety Manual
    • etc.


    Good care has to be taken to provide appropriate and valid certificates to all vessels either owned by the Company or under management. Contacts will be established to collect all relevant information to update mandatory regulations and furnish last issued certificates. (See Ship's Documents and Certificates )

    A regular feedback and cooperation shall be maintained between Shore based and Ship based Management.

    Regular feedback and cooperation

    • Information issued from authorities shall be reported in view to provide all vessels with the experience occurred
    • Every two months a listing of all certificates on board shall be forwarded for further comments and corrections
    • The Master is responsible for the validity and the renewal of the certificates. For this purpose, a close cooperation with the nautical department shall be maintained by telex, fax, e-mail or in case of emergency by phone
    • To all documents / certificates forwarded on board, a letter for "good receipt" will be included. This letter has to be returned to the Company, as a matter of control and security, with Master signature and date
    • After all alterations relevant to certificates, the Master must inform the nautical department about those modifications
    • For the renewal of the de-rating certificate / exemption of de-rating certificate, the Master will request the relevant authorities to board his vessel through the agent at a convenient port.